Copy formatting & style of cells from one sheet to another.

This blog contains steps to copy Formatting & Style from one Excel sheet to another sheet. Also, shows how to identify the Cell Type. To implement formatting in the excel sheet while writing data, please visit the below link: Copy Formatting & Style Below are the requirements: inputfile.xlsx file Sheet having list of few ElectronicRead More

Getting IP address and Hostname using InetAddress Class.

InetAddress class is used to represent the Internet Protocol address.getByName(hostName) returns the all the details of a given hostname. InetAddress Class Usage In the below program TM-RXTUVC4 is the name of your Computer. Once we created an object of InetAddress class. And pass hostname as an argument via getByName() all the details like IP address,Read More

User inputs via Command Prompt using arguments of main() method of a class.

There is also a third way to take user input via using Console class. This method helps a user to take inputs via Command Prompt. Before reading this post, would request you to visit below tutorial first to get more understanding on Console Class: Basic Java – 17 || Runtime User Input using Console ClassRead More

Swapping two variable values without using any third variable.

Swapping of two values: /** * @author ashok.kumar * */ public class Swapping { public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub int x=2; int y=5; System.out.format(“Value of x=%d and y=%d before swapping.\n”,x,y); x=x+y; // x=7 y=x-y; // y=2 x=x-y; // x=5 System.out.format(“Value of x=%d and y=%d after swapping.”,x,y); } } RelatedRead More

Difference between int x= 10 and y=010 in Java.

Logically there is no difference between 10 and 010 in numbers. But in java, there is a difference of presentation and actual values of these numbers. Int x = 10; System.out.println(x);                      // Output: 10 Int y = 010; System.out.println(y);                      // Output: 8 Exactly when we print 010 it actually prints 8 which is Octal valueRead More

Parameterized Constructors v/s Setter and Getter function in JAVA.

In my opinion, there is only a syntax difference between parameterized constructors and setter function in JAVA. Both would be used to initialize the class variables with user-defined values. In parameterized constructors, all the class variables can be initialized within one function (constructor) which is automatically invoked when a user creates an object of thatRead More

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