Selenium-3 || First program using Selenium Web Driver.

Selenium web driver can be used using the Eclipse environment. Java is the most used programming language for the same. Let’s learn step by step to create the first program in Selenium. Installation of Eclipse, JDK/JRE and Selenium Web Driver: Download zip folder of the latest version of Eclipse IDE from Download the latestRead More

Selenium-1 || Understanding Selenium and Selenium WebDriver.

Selenium is a set of tools to automate the web applications. Selenium WebDriver is a powerful tool in selenium package. It helps to identify the component on a web browser, perform an action, comparing the result and generating the reports. Selenium Packages: Selenium is basically a package of n number of tools and utilities toRead More

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            Ashok Kumar is working in an IT Company as a QA Consultant. He has started his career as a Test Trainee in manual testing in August 2010. Then he moves towards the automation testing after 4 years. He started learning JAVA and Selenium by self to get the knowledge of automation.

       While learning these tools and working on multiple projects, he found that sometimes people get stuck in live scenarios in their project and they have to do lots of RnD to get out of it. So he decided to start blogging only for such scenarios, where anyone facing any problem in their project, can ask any question or give a solution or you can say an alternate solution to achieve the goal successfully.

Later on, he observed that some people want to learn Java but they have few questions in their mind like how to start Java, whether we should go for the online or offline course. So he started writing tutorials on Java, Jira, Selenium, Excel etc.