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Maven | Running multiple TestNG.xml files using jar files. (Part-3)

As we read that a jar file should have a main method to start the program execution. But what if we have multiple TestNG.xml files in a single project? In this part, we will learn:- Managing multiple TestNG.xml files via main(). Creating jar file using Maven’s install feature. Create a package with required folders and …

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Maven | Installation and project creation in Selenium. (Part-1)

Maven is basically a build automation tool and used to manage project lifecycle and project dependencies. Maven Key Features First of all, it increases the reusability. Handle dependencies to manage library files. It manages project compilation, distribution, and build It has a central repository to manage library and jar files. We can easily create jar/war …

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ExtentReports basic and useful methods. (Session-4)

ExtentReports is vast and there are lots or methods and utility available. In this blog will learn basic and useful methods to generate HTML reports. ExtentReports methods with sample code Creating Simple Test Cases public void defaultTC() { logger.createTest(“Default method to create test case”) .log(Status.PASS, “Test case Passed”); logger.flush(); } public void createTC() { // …

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ExtentReports with TestNG via ITestListener. (Session-3)

Generating reports via ITestListener interface is very easy. Here we can record every event. ITestListener Interface Listeners are basically keep a track of each event during the program execution. ITestListener provides many pre-defined methods which can be overridden by the programmer to use while automation. In this blog, we will learn about the below methods …

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ExtentReports with TestNG (AfterMethod annotation). (Session-2)

ExtentReports can be integrated with TestNG easily. All the processes and methods will remain the same as we learned in Session-1. ExtentReports with TestNG We need to just take care of few things while implementing the ExtentReports in TestNG, rest all the syntax and logic will remain the same. Here we are taking one live …

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ExtentReports in Selenium. (Session-1).

ExtentReports library files used to generate reports in HTML format. These reports show the overall test result in diagrammatic format. ExtentReports Features: ExtentReports are open source library files It can also be easily integrated with TestNG. Shows result in pie chart form Generate logs Test case results with screenshots Multiple views of the result, based …

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