Learn Selenium

This part contains basic tutorials to start with Selenium.

Selenium-12 || Select Class to handle drop-down.

The Select class contains all the basic methods to handle the drop-down. Also, these are very easy to use and understandable. Basically, there are two types of drop-down in HTML Drop-down having single option selectable Drop-down having multiple options selectable Select Class methods In the below example we have used basic methods to handle drop-down …

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Selenium-11 || Use of Actions and Action Classes.

Actions and Action Classes used to handle the keyboard and mouse events. These are the inbuilt features of the Selenium library. Methods in WebDriver object Normally, we can handle few events via WebDriver object like click(), clear(), and sendKeys() as mentioned below: click() : To Left click on any web-element to activate it. clear(): To …

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Selenium-10 || Taking Screenshots using Selenium

In this blog, we learn to take screenshots using Selenium. While running the automation script, it is necessary to take screenshots for failed test cases. As a result, we can refer to screenshots for future validation. Taking Screenshots using Selenium There are two ways to take screenshots. Using in-built TakesScreenshot class of Selenium WebDriver. Via …

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Selenium-9 || Understanding WebDriver API.

Selenium WebDriver is a powerful tool in selenium package. It helps to identify the component on a web browser, perform an action, comparing the result and generating the reports. Before starting this chapter I would suggest please go through with Chapter 1 of Selenium section: WebDriver API Basically, API stands for Application Program Interface. These resources …

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Selenium-5 || Locating web elements using various type of Locators.

Locators are the unique identity of the web elements, using which Selenium can identify and search the element on a web page to perform some specific action. As we all know a web page is a structured code of Html. So, these locators are actually properties of the HTML TAGS and its attributes. Types of …

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Selenium-3 || First program using Selenium Web Driver.

Selenium web driver can be used using the Eclipse environment. Java is the most used programming language for the same. Let’s learn step by step to create the first program in Selenium. Installation of Eclipse, JDK/JRE and Selenium Web Driver: Download zip folder of the latest version of Eclipse IDE from http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ Download the latest …

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