Computer Basics -3 || What are the different types of Software?

Software is basically instructions written in any programming language. These have been used to handle other software or hardware components in any computer or digital machine. There are different types of software present as per usage.

In our previous chapters, we have seen different types of hardware or we can say different components of the computers. All the components which can be touch and feel physically are called Hardware. Like monitor, keyboard, mouse, RAM, HDD, etc. Hardware components are manufactured by various companies.

On the other hand, all the components which can’t be touch by physically but can be seen by eyes are called Software. Like Microsoft Word, Excel, Windows Operating System, etc. Softwares are not manufactured, however, these would be developed in any programming languages.

Types of Software


The software has been used to provide instructions to the Hardware components. Without software, the hardware is just like a stone. In a computer system, every action of the hardware is handled by the software.

Software is a set of multiple programs. A program is a set of instructions to perform any task.

Line of Code > Set of Instructions > Program > Set of Programs > Software

Types of Software

The software has been categorized into three types based on usage and functionality.

  1. System Software
  2. Application Software
  3. Web Applications

System Software

These type of software have been used by a computer system itself. A person can’t handle the internal process or inter-communication within CPU. As a user, he can only provide input to the system and can view the output. So, to handle all these internal process System Software have been used.

A most common example is Operating System, like Windows 7, Windows 10, MAC OS, Android, iOS. All these software have been used to operate a different kind of Machines. The main task of OS is to manage memory, booting process, scheduling task, etc.

Another example is Device Driver, like an audio driver, mouse and keyboard driver, printer driver, etc. Actually, drivers act as an interface between various Hardware components.

Application Software

To perform any specific and special task we need application software. For example, if you want to write any story you can use MS-Word. If you want to do some complex calculations and maintain records, you can use MS-Excel. These are the very common and basic example.

Most of the organizations create their own application software for internal use and as per their requirements. Like, bank application, railways, etc.

Web Applications

All the above software System and Applications are installable. Means we need to install these on the Hard Disc Drive. Once installed, this software is available for all the time. This software takes lots of space on the HDD for the installation.

There is another type of the Software for which no installation required. We could access these software using any web browser. That’s why these are called Web Applications. Like, online banking website, google, railway reservation web site, University websites, etc.

As these are accessible using the web-browser, no installation required and no space required on the HDD.

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