Computer Basics -10 || How to apply Filter in a data set in Excel?

Simple meaning of Filter is to get only relevant information from the heap of data.

Data and Information

Before moving ahead I just wanted to make you understand the difference between Data and Information. Data is a collection of lots of content in the form of Numbers, characters, images etc. On the other hand, identifying and extracting only that data which is useful for us is known as Information.

Need of Filter

Suppose, we have a long list data in excel form which is system generated and for all the Regions as mentioned below:

Data Table without any Filter

But as an employee or staff member one has to analyse only the data related to his/her Region. In that case one could apply Filter on Region Column to see only particular data.

Applying Data > Filter

Applying Filter on any data table is as simple as just to click on icon as mentioned below:

  1. Select the Range of data table on which you have to apply the filter. Or simply you can select the first Row in the table.
  2. Click on the Data in Menu.
  3. Click on Filter icon.
  4. Observed that drop-down icon will appear for all the columns in the table.

Now, First row will appear as described below:

Extract information using Filter

Now click on any drop-down icon from the first row. In this example we have to apply filter on Region column.

We can see a pop-up box with many options.

Filter Pop-up box
  1. By default, it will contain all the Unique values with Checkboxes from the Region column.
  2. All the values remain selected.
  3. Click to uncheck Select All option, it will deselect all the checkboxes.
  4. Now, click only that checkbox(value) for which you are looking for. In this example, we are using “East” value.
  5. Click OK button to Apply the Filter.
  6. Now you will get an updated table which contains records only related to the East Region as mentioned below:
Data Table after applying Filter

Now you have only relevant Information from the heap of Data.

Applying Multiple Filters

There are certain requirement where we need to refine above information with some specific condition. Suppose, in above example now we need to see only that rows which contains “Pen” in the “Item” column.

To achieve this we have to follow Steps #1 to 5 as mentioned in above section for “Item” column and need to select “Pen” checkbox in the Filter Pop-up box. Now, will get less number of records:

Data Table after applying multiple Filters

Removing Filter from the Data Table

There are multiple ways to remove the Filter from the column or entire table.

Remove Filters
  1. Click on the filter drop-down on the applied column and click to check “Select All” option then click on OK button to show all the records.
  2. Secondly, you can click on Clear Filter From “Item” option to remove Filter for this column.

Sometimes, we need to remove the filter from the entire table at once to show all the data. To achieve this we need to again click on Filter icon under Data Menu.

Help & Support

If you want to get the sample data in Excel format or any type of help on this topic, click below link:

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