Computer Basics -12 || Advantages of PivotCharts over Simple Charts in Excel.

PivotCharts are the basically extended version of the simple charts like Column, Line or Pie Charts. PivotCharts provides a customized functionality to handle normal charts.

In my previous blog, I had described how to implement, a different type of charts in Microsoft Excel. So, I would recommend before moving ahead just have a look at that.

Limitations of Simple Charts

  1. Only generates a static chart. Means user can’t customize the number of records or column values at run time.
  2. Some times we could loss actual data while customizing the charts based on user requirement.
Comparison between Simple Chart and Pivot Chart.

Need of PivotChart

To understand this, just think about the Simple Chart in the above example. Now, consider that user just wanted to show the report of some related information like only for AC, Cooler and Fan rather than all products.

To achieve this with simple chart there are two ways:

  1. Delete all other products(except AC, Cooler, Fan) from the actual data table which leads to data loss.
  2. Another way is to regenerate the chart using only the required records. A user might get frustrated by repeating this process again and again for each product or different type of records.

PivotChart overcomes both the above two problems. As you can see it provides a drop-down functionality to customize the chart to show only those records which are relevant for the end user.

I will explain how to implement the PivotChart and PivotTable in my upcoming blogs. So guys, stay connected…

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