Today’s world is in the hands of Computers. So, these Foundation Courses will help you to enter into the digital world of Computers. No matter what’s your educational Qualification, only your intelligency matters.

Course Duration:- 2 to 3 Months per Course

Just spend your 2-3 months for any of the foundation courses and behave like a Genius.

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Course Name: Computer Basics


  1. About Computer
  2. Computer Structure
  3. Types of Computer
  4. Need of Computer

Hardware and Software

  1. Various parts of Hardware
  2. Categorization of Hardware
  3. Sofware Introduction
  4. Types of Softwares

Operating System

  1. What is the Operating System?
  2. Types of Operating System.
  3. Process of Operating System
  4. Number System in Digital World

Application Software

  1. MS-DOS
  2. Introduction to Microsoft Office
  3. Word
  4. Excel
  5. Powerpoint
  6. Other Tools like MS-Paint, Calculators, Games PDF, Web browser, Control Panel, etc.

Additional Features of this Course

  1. Basic and Universal keyboard shortcuts
  2. Important Abbreviations and Full Forms
  3. Use of the Internet
  4. Installation, Uninstallation, and Troubleshooting
  5. Keyboard Typing Tutorials


Course Name: Programming Languages


  1. Introduction to HTML
  2. Understanding of HTML Tags
  3. Use of Standard Tags in HTML
  4. Website Type


  1. About CSS
  2. Benefits of CSS
  3. Implementation of CSS


  1. What is JavaScript
  2. Introduction to programming
  3. Sample Program using JavaScript
  4. Use of Variables and Operators
  5. Creating Functions
  6. Creating Events using JavaScript
  7. Use of Swtich, Loop, Conditions

Additional Features of this Course

  • Creating a simple static website

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