QnA | How to print Hello World as Olleh Dlrow in JAVA?

Question: Print Hello World as ‘Olleh Dlrow’ using Java.

Problem: Write a program which reverses the each word in a sentence and also while printing first letter should be in upper case. Input can contain any number of words as mentioned below:

Input String:- 
Hello World
ask for help
You Live Only Once

Output would be as:-
Olleh Dlrow
Ksa Rof Pleh
Uoy Evil Ylno Ecno

JAVA Code:

public class ReverseWord 

	public static void main(String[] args) 
		// Step #1: Taking multiple Strings in array.
		String[] strArray={"Hello World","ask for help","You Live Only Once"};
		for (String string : strArray) 

	public static void reverseString(String string)
		// Step #2: Extracting words from a sentence.
		String[] getWords=string.split(" ");
		for (String word : getWords) 
			// Step #3 : Getting reverse of each word.
			String revString=new StringBuffer(word).reverse().toString();
			// Step #4: Creating first letter in Upper case and rest in Lower case for each word.
			revString=revString.substring(0, 1).toUpperCase()+revString.substring(1).toLowerCase();
			// Step #5: Printing the expected Output
			System.out.print(revString+" ");

If anybody has any alternate solution please Post Your Answer in the comment box.

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