Say bye to comfort zone

How to come out from comfort zone? Are you actually doing that work which gives you happiness or its just only for Money?

  1. First of all, find out who you are? Means what is your passion? Are you a student, businessman or a sportsman?

          When you ask the above question from yourself. There are multiple things come to our mind. Best way to choose ‘Who am I?’, just ask one more question from yourself. That you love goal or its just an attraction to the output of your goal.

         To understand this take an example, suppose you get an answer that ‘You are or want to be an actor’. Now ask next question that does ‘I love acting’ or ‘I am getting attract with the name and fame after being a successful actor’.

         If you want to be success choose always the thing you love not to which you get attract. Do the work which you love and not for money. Think which path gives happiness to you, not the outer world.

2. Once you got the answer to above question then you have to gain knowledge and experience for that passion.

        To change your believe and make it strong you have to gain knowledge. Then you have to experience your knowledge.

“Experience is implementation of knowledge!!!”

        It is natural that as the experience increased your belief get stronger. So, start your work from the low level and continuously work on it. As your belief get strong you will come out from your comfort zone.

Always remember

Each winner has to quit something big to achieve bigger.

How to overcome negative thoughts?

          Nothing is negative or positive in this world. Actually, there are no such things/events. These thing/events get only happened. It depends on your thinking, experience, and way of looking at these things. Always look at positive side of any event. Change the way of your thinking.

         Do not get into a state which is called “Paralysis by Analysis”. It means do not over-analyze the negative side of any events because due to that you won’t be able to take decision or action.

Life is all about up and down.

How to overcome your fear?

First of all, understand that fear will be always from what you want to do. If you don’t want to do something there should not be any fear. Actually, this fear is about to be a failure in that work. The best thing to overcome the fear is action. Take a step to complete that task which threatens you.

All the above things will be wasted if you do not take action today and still stuck in your comfort zone.

There is a simple logic to be fearless,

If you think about the problem you will get more problems. But if you think about the possibility you will get more possibilities.


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