True Enemy is better than Fake Friend.

This part of the blog has been taken from my personal diary. This is just my opinion and my point of view to see the friendship. If someone has the same opinion regarding the friendship please share this with your loved ones. Also, if you have any other means of Friendship or Enemy, do share your experience with me in comments.

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From Ashok's Diary
From Ashok’s Diary

I have written this based on my previous experiences. But actually, all this game is only around the thinking of individuals. The way of thinking decides our happiness, sorrows, revenge and other emotions.

Any incidence will increase the level of our emotions if we think via HEART rather than MIND. When we said, anyone, our friend or consider someone as a friend, our emotions get connected via the heart. In friendship, we never think using mind or we can say we become illogical. So, keep in mind, if you are seeing things logically then there is no friendship exists.

On the other hand, when the logic and thoughts of two persons contradict to each other, they became ENEMY unknowingly. If such a person is saying something or doing any unexpected things. We think logically and just say it was expected by them that’s why they are enemy.

So, sometimes we also heard that FRIENDSHIP is stronger than BLOOD RELATIONSHIP.
Next time, when you get hurt by your friend, just think logically and you will find that they are not wrong. Actually, they do not consider you as a friend.

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