Types of Knowledge


         Most powerful word of 9 letters in this world is “KNOWLEDGE”. There are two types of knowlege.

        One is Apara Vidya – the knowledge what we get from our schools and universities. It is based on the reality, facts and science. It helps us to make our living in this society or world.

         Second one is Para Vidya – the knowledge  what we get from reading or listening spritual books or stories of any relegion. It is based on the super sprituality and belief. We cann’t prove it right or wrong in the world. But it is important to make life.

       There is a huge difference between ‘making a life’ and ‘making a living’. ‘Making a living’ is just to earn money and finish the journey of life after a period of time. But you can never be satisfied during this journey, becuase you cann’t control you emotions, desires, indiginity etc. To overcome or controls these you should must gain Para Vidya.

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