Abbreviations to Full-Forms in Computer Basics.

There are few Full-Forms for important words used in the Computer world. These short words are also known as Abbreviations. An individual should know at least these terms if want to learn Computers. Abbreviations to Full-Forms Abbreviation Full-Form .com Commercial Internet Site .edu Education Site .gov Government Site .in India .net Internet Administrative Site .orgRead More

Computer Basics -7 || Important Features of MS-Word.

MS-Word is a desktop application provided by the Microsoft. It is a part of the Office suite. Microsoft has already launched an office suite which contains all the important applications which have been used in our day to day life. However, there are three main applications which have been used all over the world. ThisRead More

Computer Basics -4 || Importance of Operating System(OS).

Operating System(OS) is the main software which handles all the hardware and other software in a typical digital machine. Importance of Operating System(OS) Process Management The process is a set of defined steps which executes when certain input has been given to any system. For example, whenever the user press any key on the keyboardRead More

Computer Basics -3 || What are the different types of Software?

Software is basically instructions written in any programming language. These have been used to handle other software or hardware components in any computer or digital machine. There are different types of software present as per usage. In our previous chapters, we have seen different types of hardware or we can say different components of theRead More

Computer Basics -1 || Introduction and Structure of Computer.

COMPUTER is derived from the word “Compute“, which means calculating something. So, in general, a Computer is an electronic device/machine which receives some input, process the data, and provides information in the desired format. Computer Structure The above diagram reflects the basic structure and work-flow of a Computer. It also, shows that the CPU isRead More

Collection Types and features in Java. (Collection-1)

The Collection is a root Interface which contains other Interfaces like List, Queue, Map and Set. These Interfaces further contains Classes or sub-interfaces. Facts about Collection All these Classes and Interfaces make a framework structure to create a list of objects(like String, Integer, etc). It also provides common methods/features to handle and manipulate these underRead More

Basic Java – 24 || Exception Handling using Try Catch.

Exceptions are the runtime error in a program encountered while execution. Basically there are two type of Errors exist in any program. Compiler Error: These are the error in the code itself. It means syntax error. Few examples are given below: a semicolon(;) missing at the end of the statement. Grammatical error while using theRead More

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