QnA || How to use Constructors in Abstract class?

As we know that an abstract class can have constructors, data members, and non-abstract methods as well. This chapter will shows, how we can declare and use the Constructors in the abstract class. Important Features of Abstract Class and Methods Abstract Class An abstract class would be declared using the ‘abstract’ keyword. The creation ofRead More

Parameterized Constructors v/s Setter and Getter function in JAVA.

In my opinion, there is only a syntax difference between parameterized constructors and setter function in JAVA. Both would be used to initialize the class variables with user-defined values. In parameterized constructors, all the class variables can be initialized within one function (constructor) which is automatically invoked when a user creates an object of thatRead More

Use of ArrayList Class in Java. (Collection-2)

ArrayList Class implements List Interface. In the last chapter, we have read about all the classes and their features as well as limitations. Now, we will understand all these concepts at the code level. Class: ArrayList Interface: List Package: java.util Key points of ArrayList Stores objects as a list of elements and Any number of elements canRead More

Basic Java – 15 || Runtime User Input using Scanner Class (Part-1).

Scanner Class is the commonly used way of taking user inputs. There are many instances where user interaction is needed at runtime during the Program execution. Scanner Class It can be used via java.util.Scanner library files. There is a major role of Whitespace and Enter while taking user inputs using Scanner class. These user inputsRead More

Basic Java – 6 || Understanding of Constructor and Destructor in JAVA.

            The basic meaning of Constructor is making or building something and Destructor means destroying or releasing something. So, technically, Constructor allocates memory to the variables for specific instance which have been created at any point in time. On the other hand, Destructor deallocates memory or releases the memory afterRead More

Basic Java – 3 || Understanding Class, Objects, Methods in Java.

               A Class is like a repository which contains all data members and methods. On the other hand, an Object is an instance of a class which acquires all the properties(data members) and behavior(methods) of the class. Related Links: OOPs Concept: Java Question And Answer: Method      Read More

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