Computer Basics -13 || Creating pivot charts/tables in Excel.

In our last chapter we have learnt the Adavantages of the Pivot charts/tables over the regular charts in Excel spreadsheets. Creating Pivot Charts Creating a Pivot Charts is as simple as we used to generate regular charts in excel. For this, we have to first collect the data in tabular format in an excel sheetRead More

Computer Basics -12 || Advantages of PivotCharts over Simple Charts in Excel.

PivotCharts are the basically extended version of the simple charts like Column, Line or Pie Charts. PivotCharts provides a customized functionality to handle normal charts. In my previous blog, I had described how to implement, a different type of charts in Microsoft Excel. So, I would recommend before moving ahead just have a look atRead More

Computer Basics -11 || Using Charts in place of Data Tables in Excel.

Charts are the graphical representation of the data. Using Charts in place of Data Tables are more realistic than tables or any other mode of presenting data. This is a very attractive feature of Excel, which is used by each professional to create their presentations, reports, data collection, etc. Note: A table should have atRead More

Computer Basics -10 || How to apply Filter in a data set in Excel?

Simple meaning of Filter is to get only relevant information from the heap of data. Data and Information Before moving ahead I just wanted to make you understand the difference between Data and Information. Data is a collection of lots of content in the form of Numbers, characters, images etc. On the other hand, identifyingRead More

Computer Basics -9 || Understand and Implement Data Validation in Excel.

Data Validation is the feature to restrict the end user to enter incorrect or invalid data in a particular cell or report. Data Validation Data Validation can be used for a range, specific list of values, formula-based condition etc. based on the requirement. There are multiple scenarios where we need to restrict the user, fewRead More

Google Sheet || Use Concatenate or TextJoin to merge multiple cell values.

This blog contains multiple ways to merge or concatenate multiple cell values in one cell. To achieve this we could use Concatenate or TextJoin methods. Sometimes we have to merge values from multiple cells into one cell to achieve some specific task based on the requirements. CONCATENATE Basic formula is =CONCATENATE(string1, [string2, …]) We could passRead More

Framework || Simple example of Key Driven Framework using excel sheet in Selenium(JAVA).

This is an small and simple example of Key Driven Framework to execute test cases using excel sheet in Selenium(JAVA).          Key Driven framework is based on keywords which are used to control the execution of the script without modifying the actual code. A tester has to just set the keywords whichRead More

Copy formatting & style of cells from one sheet to another.

This blog contains steps to copy Formatting & Style from one Excel sheet to another sheet. Also, shows how to identify the Cell Type. To implement formatting in the excel sheet while writing data, please visit the below link: Copy Formatting & Style Below are the requirements: inputfile.xlsx file Sheet having list of few ElectronicRead More

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