QnA | Can main method be overloaded?

Question: Can main method be overloaded? or Can a java program have multiple methods with name “main” keyword? Answer: Yes, the Main method can also be overloaded same as normal method overloading techniques. Method overloading is a sub-process of Polymorphism. To achieve method overloading we have to declare and define multiple methods with the same name butRead More

Selenium-5 || Locating web elements using various type of Locators.

Locators are the unique identity of the web elements, using which Selenium can identify and search the element on a web page to perform some specific action. As we all know a web page is a structured code of Html. So, these locators are actually properties of the HTML TAGS and its attributes. Types ofRead More

Selenium-1 || Understanding Selenium and Selenium WebDriver.

Selenium is a set of tools to automate the web applications. Selenium WebDriver is a powerful tool in selenium package. It helps to identify the component on a web browser, perform an action, comparing the result and generating the reports. Selenium Packages: Selenium is basically a package of n number of tools and utilities toRead More

Basic Java – 17 || Runtime User Input using Console Class (Part-3).

There is also a third way to take user input via using Console class. This method helps a user to take inputs via Command Prompt. Before proceeding further, I would request you to please read the first two parts of this tutorial. Basic Java – 15 || Runtime User Input using Scanner Class (Part-1). BasicRead More

Basic Java – 15 || Runtime User Input using Scanner Class (Part-1).

Scanner Class is the commonly used way of taking user inputs. There are many instances where user interaction is needed at runtime during the Program execution. Scanner Class It can be used via java.util.Scanner library files. There is a major role of Whitespace and Enter while taking user inputs using Scanner class. These user inputsRead More

Basic Java – 14 || Learn about String literals in Java.

A String is a class used to declare and initialize the string literals. These string literals are basically the group of characters. In general, strings are immutable. It means each time we perform any modification in the existing String object or variable it creates a new object and allocates new memory. String declaration and InitializationRead More

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